Daddy Freeze reacts to video of billionaire Cosmas Maduka preaching

In the viral video, he can be seen sweating profusely as he preaches with an interpreter a sidekick who interpreted his message in Yoruba language.

The gesture has been applauded by many on social media who find it amazing that a multi-millionaire could be seen doing such but some others chose to criticize him.
One of those who reacted to the video going viral on social media is controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze. In his post, he questioned the efficacy of this method of preaching in this modern days.
He wrote;
“He is doing a good thing no doubt. However, in 2019, I’m doubtful of the efficacy of this method. Can you really win souls for Christ like this? I won’t say it’s noise pollution in an already noisy environment though”.

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